Jose Ospina

Main Clients and Key Projects

José has worked for clients in public, private and non-profit sectors, both in Ireland, Europe and South America, and developed and submitted Projects for European funding under several EU Programmes, including ECOS-Ouvertures, Interreg, ALTENER and the LIFE-Environment Programme.

Key Projects Case Studies:

RE-Evaluate – Feasibility of Reuse of Electronic Equipment Client/Employer:
University of Limerick, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering (UL ECE)

UL ECE is a leading academic and R&D agency in the field of electronic and computer engineering in Ireland. It has specialised in analogue circuit design and electronics and the environment, and has researched optical sensors and Eco-design for electronics. The Department is also currently supervising research projects in technologies for sustainable computer Eco-design using programmable logic

Key Project:

RE-Evaluate – Feasibility of Reuse of Electronic Equipment


José is Project Manager of the RE-Evaluate Project funded by under the STRIVE Programme. The Project Partnership includes two social economy electric and electronic equipment (EEE) reuse enterprises. It is undertaking a 36-month R&D Programme from November 2008 to October 2011. This Programme will include the evaluation of existing European and Irish initiatives, the identification of best practise, the carrying out of reuse trails in South Dublin, and the formulation of recommendations to the Irish government and reuse enterprises for the promotion of reuse, in line with the EC’s Review of the WEEE Directive.