Jose Ospina

Main Clients and Key Projects

Key Projects Case Studies:

TRANSFORM - Social Enterprise and Female Enterpreurism Client/Employer:
Cork County Council (Western Region)

Cork County Council (Western Region) was local Partner an ECOS-Ouvertures Project aiming at developing women’s NGO’s into Social Economy Enterprises. José Ospina was employed as local Project Manager. The Project was led by the REVES (Cities and Regions of the Social Economy) Network, and included a number or other Partner regions, Reggio Calabria and Padova (Italy) Gottenburg (Sweden) and Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

TRANSFORM - Social Enterprise and Female Enterpreurism

The TRANSFORM Project involved local projects in each region, coming together to share experiences and carry out joint activities. The West Cork local Project consisted of providing support to social economy development in Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina, including the organisation of local training in self-building, and the development of a sustainable community centre in West Cork.

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