Jose Ospina

Rational and Renewable Energy

José Ospina's experience includes:

Development of around 100 passive solar timer-frame self-build homes (mainly using the Walter Segal timber-frame system) with Self Build Co-operatives in South East England

Management of the RENEASE (Renewable Energy Against Social Exclusion) Project, funded under the ECís ALTENER Programme, to demonstrate the feasibility of integrating RES and RUE into social housing in Ireland

Development of bio-climatic housing including site procurement and compiling of Planning Applications on behalf of Carbery Housing Association Ltd. in West Cork

Helping draft the SUNRISE (Sustainable Neighbourhood Renewable and Innovative Sources of Energy) Bid to Intelligent Energy for Europe, a project to demonstrate the potential for RES application to social housing in Europe (presently under consideration by the EC)

Research Project Manager for Organic Power Ltd., a renewable energy company based in West Cork and aiming to develop the range of renewable energy sources

Expert Evaluator for the European Commissionís European Competitiveness and Innovation Agency (ECAI) on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Intelligent Energy for Europe Programme

His methodology involves:

Promoting an understanding of energy issues in clients and stakeholders

Reducing energy consumption of building throughout the Life Cycle Assessment of the development

Selecting sites where best use can be made of orientation and the natural contours of the site to save energy

Ensuring that the building design makes best use of available heat and power

Specifying a high level of insulation in design

Specifying materials that minimise embodied energy and are renewable or reusable

Identifying the most appropriate forms of renewable energy sources for a proposed project

Identifying sources of national and European funding for these initiatives

Detailed evaluation of energy project proposals and initiatives