Jose Ospina

Environmental Technologies

José Ospina's experience includes:

Development of Intermediate Technology in Colombia, through the manufacture of fibre cement for roofing sheets and stabilised compressed mud blocks for low-cost housing

Application of the innovative Walter Segal self-build system (a generic modular system for house-building that simplifies design and construction and makes construction accessible to ordinary residents) to over 100 self-build homes

Drafting and project management of Bid to the EC’s Ecos-Ouvertures Programme for a Project to develop Recycling Resources for Travellers in UK, Italy, Spain and Rumania

Setting up of social economy enterprises for the recycling and reuse of white goods and computers in Dublin with the Project HEATSUN and Clondalkin White Goods Recycling

Drafting of two Bids for Dublin City Council to the Interreg Programme to research the feasabilty of flood defences for the Dublin coast-line

Participation in the StEP (Solving the E-Waste Problem) Initiative, set up by the UN, that is bringing together electronic manufactures and recyclers, researchers and NGO’s in an attempt to stem the tide of electronic waste to less developed countries

Development and management of projects aimed at design and development of ecological computer equipment and the development of zero-waste industrial networks for electronics for MicroPro

Project Management of an R & D project to explore the feasibility of reuse of electronic equipment and part and components in Dublin for the University of Limerick Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

His methodology involves:

Application of intermediate technology principles (i.e Fritz Schumacher) to empower local communities to produce their own housing and other basic needs

Application of the waste management hierarchy (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) in practical projects

Development of innovative models for reuse of equipment and products, especially electronic and computer equipment

Development of innovative models for Eco-design of equipment and products, especially electronic and computer equipment

Identification of European and National Programmes to fund R&D into reuse and Eco-design of computers and other electronic products, and effective development and management of these projects