Jose Ospina

Current Proposals

RiverBank - Biodiversity Banking with Integrated Constructed Wetlands

South West Regional Fisheries Board (SWRFB)

The SWRFB is a statutory body operating under the aegis of the Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources and was established under the Fisheries Act 1980. The South Western Regional Fisheries Board is the competent fisheries authority for the inland fisheries and sea angling resource of much of Cork and Kerry. The Board was established under the Fisheries Act 1980 and was given additional responsibilities under the Fisheries Act 1999. The Board operates under the auspices of the Department of the Communications, Marine & Natural Resources which has overall policy responsibility for the conservation, management, regulation and development of the Inland Fisheries resource. The Board has responsibility for policy advice, co-ordination and implementation.

RiverBank Project – BioBanking on the basis of Integrated Constructed Wetlands

The RiverBank project aims to exchange best practise in biodiversity Banking (BioBanking) and in the development of integrated constructed wetlands (ICW). BioBanking is a market-based instrument (MBI) for implementing planning offsets to protect biodiversity. ICW is a technology for the construction of new integrated wetlands, or constructed reed beds, useful in treating run-off waste water and domestic and farm sewerage, in capturing nitrates and phosphorus and in protecting and promoting biodiversity. The RiverBank project aims to combine these two innovative approaches to secure multiple environmental, economic and social benefits. José was commissioned to make an application to the LIFE-Environment Programme for this Project, and is currently exploring other funding options.